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By Larry Levow, PGA

Special Certification from the PGA of America in teaching and coaching


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College Scholarships

Requirements for Golf Scholarships

By: Heather Levow, CPGA


• Does the student-athlete possess the desire to compete at the collegiate level?
• Does the student-athlete possess the right work ethic?
• Does the student-athlete portray the attitude that coaches want?

Golf Experience:

• How does the student-athlete’s statistics stack up to the average college player?
• What are the student-athlete’s tournament results?
• What type of tournament experience does the student-athlete have? # of years?
– State / Regional / Local
– High School
– FCWGT / Other Junior Tours
* A junior must be ranked national by age 16 to play at a top Division I school.


• SAT’s / ACT’s – must meet the NCAA ClearingHouse requirements as well as the college you wish to attend.
• GPA – must meet the NCAA ClearingHouse requirements as well as the college you wish to attend


NCAA ClearingHouse
Phone #: 1 (800) 638-3731

• Make sure your school has core courses required.
• Make sure your student-athlete is registered and approved by the NCAA ClearingHouse before talking to any prospective coaches.
• Be sure to have your athletic director order a free copy of:
“Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete”
“The PING American College Golf Guide”

Things to Know:

• Golf Scholarships Available: (per school / year) 4.5 Men 6.5 Women
• Any other scholarships you may receive through other means must be counted as part of the golf team’s allowance.
• Freshmen normally do not receive more than a 50% scholarship.
• Over 400 women’s golf scholarships go unused every year.

• # of Golf Programs for Men in the USA:
NCAA Division I 584
NCAA Division II 376
NCAA Division III 532
NAIA 304
Total 1796

• Recruiting Windows:
Early Signing / Fall TBA
Late Signing / Spring TBA

• The Formula for Making the Right Choices: (CHART)
Type of School: Arizona State – Division I (A)
Golf Experience: Low: 71.65 High: 76.74
Education: SAT: 1110 / ACT: 24 / GPA: 3.0
Geographical Area: Arizona, South Western USA
$$$: Tuition: $12, 113.00 / year
X-Factor: (The Coach/Schedule/etc.) Great! Coach, Schedule, Practice Facility, Campus, Business Program