Larry Levow Golf

Special Certification in Teaching and Coaching Golf from the PGA of America​

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Larry Levow Golf

Special Certification in Teaching and Coaching Golf from the PGA of America​

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Improve Your Game with Private Golf Instruction

Larry Levow is an accomplished golf instructor with over 45 years of golf coaching experience. Learn all the techniques you need to become a skilled and confident golfer. Whether individual or group lessons, Larry is committed to providing you with the best private golf instruction, ideal for players looking to take their game to the next level.


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Purchasing a package gives you a membership to our Video Golf Instruction Program at a discounted rate.

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You can use units on any part of the game together or separately.
Unless otherwise stated, package purchases expire 12 months from the date of purchase.



Stuart B.

One lesson with Larry was worth fifty lessons elsewhere. Larry’s approach is unique, his knowledge of how to transmit the fundamentals and proper technique will give you the confidence to pursue and enjoy your golf game. I highly recommend this pro.

Nolan O.

Larry simplifies the game to make it easier to understand and adjust. Already a huge difference after just one lesson. Thank you!

Roman S.

Larry has provided an incredible advise and insight on my golf game in a very short period of time. He is a great professional who really cares about his students’ improvement. Highly recommend

Carl-Daniel C.

Efficient coaching lesson learned a lot in the 1st lesson and opted in for a package of multiple coaching hours. 100% recommended.

Jeroen L.

Larry has helped me tremendously with my golf swing. It seems so easy when he shows you how to do it, but he analyzes what the problem is and helps you to correct it. Larry is a true professional and you will not regret hiring him. I’m looking forward to my next lesson already.

Arsen O.

Larry is a great great coach!!! I have taken private lessons before. Other classes do not compare to what Larry teaches. He goes into technique details which helps to improve significantly. Thanks!


Angel M.

Just had my first golf lesson with Larry. Great all around looking forward to more lessons

Dean T.

Larry is the most promising golf instructor I’ve ever worked with – sees everything, makes necessary progressions in a digestible fashion. I look forward to developing my golf game under his instruction

James C.

I had a great first lesson with Larry. He taught me quite a lot in the first hour. Looking forward to the future lessons.
Jim Christie

Taylor W.

I started to see improvement just after one lesson. Larry understands the swing better than anyone I have ever worked with. Looking forward to further improvement with him.

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Larry Levow Golf

Special Certification in Teaching and Coaching Golf from the PGA of America​